W5 program

During W5 Entweder and its ventures presents five workspace innovation trends for 2022. With a proven track record of ventures with the right product market fit, Entweder knows like no other how the workspace will develop in the upcoming year. This year, without an audience, the video-only event will take place at Campus Delta in Capelle aan den IJssel. The presentation will be shared with all invitees after the event. 

Five workspace innovation trends for 2022

1. Digitization of real estate. 
Real estate becomes a service with the use of prop-tech. By offering ‘office as a service’, landlords can improve their service-level while reducing costs. 

2. Hybrid workspace. 
Employees work from the office, from home and have an increasing need for a place in between. This ‘third space’ has room for flexible workplaces and business meetings. 

3. Prefabrication for the Office.
Offices are designed for the present with a view of the future that is essentially unknown. By offering pre-fab solutions offices no longer need costly construction-technical adjustments. Easy reassembly allows successive cycles of use, thus making pre-fab a sustainable solution. 

4. Sharing facilities.
Facilities in office estate are increasingly shared. Where in the past a mere 10% shared office space was the norm, the office of the future has 50% of its space shared. Environment and community are getting more important as the office becomes a place where you do more than ‘just work’. 

5. Flexibilisation of fit-out.
The fit-out of offices requires more and more flexibility. SKEPP knows how to respond to this flexibility by offering complete office packages and solutions. 

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