From graduation intern to part of the team Skepp

August 29, 2022

Daan Zeevat is 23 years old, living in Rossum, and will soon finish his studies in Commercial Economics at Saxion in Enschede.

I started at ROC van Twente, where I completed the Marketing Communications course in three years. After that, I started studying Commercial Economics at Saxion.

During my studies, I chose to partake in the international program. This program included Spanish and an internship abroad. For me, this international-oriented internship was scheduled for February 2022. Yet as everyone knows, Corona was very pivotal at that time and Spain was marked as orange on the risk-assessment map. My studies notified me that I was not allowed to leave for Spain because of this. I had already arranged everything except for my plane tickets. In hindsight, I was happy with that but had only two weeks left to find another internship. Very quickly I found out about Skepp on LinkedIn, after which the first conversation with Mathios followed. From the first moment, it clicked and in no time, I was an intern at Skepp!

Practice is necessary and making mistakes is a must in being able to learn more.

During my graduation internship, I researched whether it would be profitable for Skepp to take everything in-house. That includes transport, assembly, warehousing, mechanics, and much more. Currently, Skepp outsources everything, and it is sometimes a challenge to maintain full control. If everything is in-house at Skepp, it will save time but on the other hand, it costs a lot of money. This is a project where you must think and weigh a lot! In addition to my thesis research, I was also working in sales. I practiced a lot, made mistakes, and closed deals. I look back on an interesting internship where I was able to learn a lot. I am therefore also very grateful to my internship supervisors Mathios and Bent.

At Skepp you get a lot of responsibility, you are thrown to the lions (in a good way) but with the right support and guidance. In addition, Skepp is a very interesting and young company where you can be yourself!

I would recommend doing an internship at Skepp because of the young and close-knitted team. In addition, there are many company events such as regular Friday afternoon drinks, padel tournaments, lunches, and team days. You are often surrounded by several interns, so you never feel ”alone”. You also get a lot of responsibility and guidance!

Now working at Skepp full-time, I don’t notice any difference compared to my internship period. This is in my eyes one of the keys to Skepp. You are not seen as an intern but as a full part of the team from the start. That said, my job has changed a bit, I used to focus on renting out office spaces. In addition, I now also focus on the sales of meeting boxes, and I visit clients more often. This makes my job even more fun and dynamic. I look forward to the future at Skepp!

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