Entweder is a venture builder that makes a lasting positive contribution to the evolution of the workspace through successive ventures. Entweder does this by starting, building, financing and selling ‘proven’ ventures.

proven workspace innovation

Entweder believes that with innovative ventures you can develop a workspace in which prosperity is balanced with well-being. Entweder’s ventures are always fully developed and optimised from Start-up to Scale-up. As a Scale-up, Entweder ventures are free of teething troubles and ready to serve the general public. Therefore there is always more growth after exit. That is what Entweder understands by ‘proven workspace innovation’. Click below for all successful exits. 


Entweder’s proven ventures (undoubtedly) run into challenges and sometimes even problems in their operation. Entweder’s ideation process is aimed at developing Solutions for this. These Solutions are then molded one by one into a business model and the most promising of these are turned into Start-ups. The new venture then by definition has the product for an actual existing problem in an actual existing market. And immediately a launching customer. See here the S4-model in which Entweder operates.

We have a Venture Building Traineeship Vacancy!

We have a Venture Building Traineeship Vacancy!

We have a Venture Building Traineeship vacancy! We are looking for an ambitious trainee who has recently finished his/her academic education and has 0-4 years of working experience. The traineeship aims to develop individuals in a very broad way with lots of potential...

W5 event 2022

W5 event 2022

W5 EVENT 2022The second edition of W5 took place on the second Thursday of January in 2022. Unfortunately, W5 was a video-only event, due to covid measures. All presentations were recorded and can be watched back via this link. All the workspace trends for 2023 were...

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