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We start and scale companies innovating the office

As a Twente-based group of companies, we solve office-related challenges that show substantial market potential and customer demand. We aim to launch two new companies annually, each led by a complementary team consisting of a business founder and a technical founder.



Based on challenges we see in the market, we identify ways to improve the office environment and validate promising new opportunities. We partner with dedicated co-founders to kickstart the company together, focussing on finding product-market fit and setting up a scalable distribution strategy.


Our goal is to create a scalable business with a clear path to profitability, setting the stage for future growth and success. We optimize sales, operations, talent, and financials to scale the business effectively while keeping a pragmatic approach. We work with our co-founders to find growth opportunities, new markets, and solve challenges.


Our entire process is tailored to private equity and strategic buyers which ensures the financials and legal aspects are in order. We work closely with our co-founders to identify potential buyers, optimise exit proceeds, and create better deal terms. Our goal is to maximize the value of the business, position it for future growth, and achieve a successful sale for all stakeholders.