Jarno van Leeuwen graduates at BOW

June 22, 2022

Jarno van Leeuwen is a 21-year-old student from Nijverdal, studying Business Administration at Saxion.

I got connected to BOW via a former trainee at Campus Offices. He took me to the afterparty of the workspace rally at Campus Dreesz. This is where I came in touch with Sven Brookhuis, which was a very exciting conversation! A while later, I posted a message on LinkedIn to look for a graduation internship. Sven saw my message, and he tipped Glenn and Michael, which quickly led to the first introductory meeting. I felt like a good fit; I have entrepreneurial ambitions and BOW seemed a good place to spend six months, in which I could look around the kitchen of Entweder as well.

During the thesis research, I am focusing on the order intake process. This starts from the point that an order is received at BOW until the point that the customer is completely fulfilled. I started researching this because one of the problems at BOW was that a lot of things were still done manually. BOW was too often the go-between for dealers and customers. That took a lot of effort to get right. Also, because BOW is growing very fast, more and more orders were coming in. This led to more administration, which made it almost impossible to execute with a small team.

”I didn’t feel like an intern during my internship at BOW”

I already worked at BOW for one day a week before my internship started to get to know the company better. Because of this, I already knew BOW well before my internship started, and I could get started right away. I held several interviews with stakeholders, which enabled me to identify all bottlenecks in the process. Because of my own working experience, I was also able to come up with solutions quickly.

With less than two weeks to go, I look back on a graduation internship where I worked hard, learned a lot, and am glad I was able to truly contribute to the development of the company. BOW is such an interesting company because it is growing really fast, it is a very fun and young team, and I never felt like an intern! This is because you get a lot of responsibility, which allows you to be involved in many different projects. I look back on a very insightful internship!

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