An office cut out of the right wood 

May 21, 2024

Fresh off the press: Campus Offices and HOLD are teaming up to construct the first-ever HOLD building at the Campus Hambaken location. This new development will add 4,000 square meters of eco-friendly wooden timber structure to the campus. The building is designed to enhance collaboration and comfort, featuring a welcoming entrance area, shared meeting rooms, cozy coffee corners, and a wide range of office units due to the innovative flexible wall system.

The structure, referred to as X7H5 in the HOLD configuration terms, will consist of a seven-grid-long wing along the X-axis and rise to a total of five floors. This layout includes a central core housing all essential amenities, optimizing both space and functionality.

For more information and updates on this exciting project, follow HOLD and Campus Offices on social media. Read more about the project from the official press release below.

The title ‘an office cut out of the right wood' might sound unusual, but this old Dutch saying perfectly captures the essence of things being truly decent. In the context of HOLD, it couldn't be more fitting.

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