A fresh coat of paint for Campus Dreesz

September 13, 2023
Campus Offices

Step into the new era of Campus Dreesz at Egbert Gortestraat! A fresh coat of white and black paint has breathed new life into this iconic building, bringing a wave of transformation that's hard to miss.

Witness the magic of renewal as Campus Dreesz dons its vibrant new look. The once-familiar facade now shines with a brilliant black-and-white contrast, radiating a sense of freshness and energy that's contagious.

The impact goes beyond the building's walls. The renewed Campus Dreesz has sparked a resurgence in the entire area surrounding the station, redefining the way the neighborhood connects and thrives.

Nature finds its place in this transformation too. Lush greens and thoughtfully designed outdoor areas now complement the revamped structure, creating spaces where people can come together.

Embrace the change, and be part of the story. There are still some office spaces for rent at Campus Dreesz at Egbert Gortestraat! Have a look at the Campus Offices website for more information.

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Campus Offices

Campus Offices
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