Meet Lucas Lenting

November 8, 2022

Lucas Lenting is a 19-year-old student from Heeten, studying business administration at Windesheim Zwolle. He is in the third year of his studies and is currently doing his internship at BOW.

I got to know about BOW through LinkedIn. I posted on LinkedIn that I was looking for an internship, and Elena Ganina from BOW reached out! Besides BOW, I also spoke with other companies, but BOW spoke to me the most because it is a start-up organization with a young team. The connection was there immediately, and the activities attracted me right away!

Meanwhile, this is already the eighth week of my marketing communications internship. During this period, no day has been the same so far! I occupy myself with preparing quotations, visiting dealers, analyzing marketing data, making reports, and updating social media channels. I also help a lot with ad-hoc tasks. In short, it is very dynamic which I am very happy about because in this way I learn as much as possible and get to know the company best.

In addition to working at BOW, I work one day a week on an assignment from school. This involves research in the field of operations management. Among other things, you map out the primary process of the organization. It is fun and educational to get to know BOW better!

”BOW has a very fun team, which for me is a must while doing an internship!”

What I like is that I am free to plan and structure my days. This way I always work one day a week at home on my school assignment, and I can always call, email, or send a message if I have any questions. I also chose to do an internship at BOW because I have a lot of opportunities to contribute. In addition, I like the team at BOW, which for me is also a must in a company!

What I want to do after my studies I don’t exactly know yet. I do know that what I am involved in now, marketing communications is very interesting but no idea if I want to pursue this full-time. After my internship, starting in February, I will first focus on the minor Self-Employed Entrepreneur. I will be working with a project group during this minor to set up a business. The idea is that you will put a promising product or unique service on the market. That is also where marketing and sales come into play. This will help me find out if I am interested in these disciplines. I am curious about what the future will bring me, and I am looking forward to the rest of my internship at BOW!

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