Founder check-in Glenn Holland

June 17, 2022

Organizations are developing faster and faster. Office buildings and their furnishings are, however, just as static as they were years ago and therefore no longer facilitate the growth of office-based organizations. BOW solves this problem by developing a line of prefab boxes based on modular building blocks.

Checking in with Glenn six months after his first founder story

When I look back at my founder story from six months ago, I think that the core of the story was hit very well. I really appreciate reading it back, but so did the people around me. Every day I am very occupied with BOW, and through the founder story, they got an even better understanding of what I am doing on a daily basis.

A few months ago, I was mostly doing operational work. After the tragic passing away of Michael, we started to pick up all tasks together and redistribute them. With the arrival of Bart Nijsink, Jarno van Leeuwen, Rianka Hofmeijer, and Elena Ganina, we were able to do this. The team has grown a lot and I am more than grateful for that!

What Michael has built in such a short time is incredibly impressive, and that deserves the greatest compliment. He has built up a dealer network who are all eager partners. We still receive quotations from them, and we are now expanding this further. We are extremely grateful for this.

Michael has set up our dealer network extremely well. Currently, we are busy turning these dealers into ambassadors. We do this by giving them the right tools and knowledge. With this, we want to build a sustainable partner network for the long term. BOW has a great product, and the dealers have the right access.

Putting BOW on the map in the United States!

We are working hard to see how we can best distribute our products abroad. We want to start with our neighbouring countries. A part of Germany is on the roadmap this year, and from there we want to expand into the rest of Europe. My personal dream is bigger than Europe. Someday I would be very proud to sell those boxes in the United States!

You would almost forget how fast it all goes; it is bizarre. The very first phone box was built about one year and a half ago. The BOW Six we’re sitting in now was built three times faster and is six times bigger. The difference is that the very first phone box was super modular, and everything was separate from each other, so it took a great amount of time to build. We’ve stepped away from that now. We are now in a BOW six with a CO2-controlled system, which can easily be put together and taken apart, and we have made serious progress in acoustics.

One year from now, I hope we will have a strong dealer network in Germany with a process that works well there and made further developments with the box. I also hope that we still have the strong ambitious team that we have now, but with even more people! I assume that we have grown out of the Entweder studio office, which is a logical next step that we are soon ready to take with excitement!

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