Founder story Glenn Holland

November 24, 2021

Organizations are developing faster and faster. Office buildings and their furnishings are, however, just as static as they were years ago and therefore no longer facilitate the growth of office-based organizations. BOW solves this problem by developing a line of prefab boxes based on modular building blocks.

From internship to entrepreneurship

During my Business Administration studies, I found my internship at an Entweder venture. At the time, I did my graduation assignment for RoomForTheNew. In 2021 this company continued under the name BOW. The collaboration between me and the Entweder team went so well that I was asked to become a founder. I seized this opportunity with both hands.

In the meantime, I have been involved with BOW and Entweder for two years. Together with the other founder, Michael Kuiper, I have been responsible for building this company for a year and a half. I am working on the ‘back-end’ of the company, the operational side of BOW. This ties in well with the theoretical knowledge and experience I have gained during my studies.

Together with the other founder and the studio team, we always strive for the highest achievable result. We are perfectionists and we keep each other on our toes. Our purpose is to always get the most out of our business. At BOW we have developed a globally unique product. By continuously developing the product, we remain progressive. We work closely with the studio team, which has a lot of knowledge and expertise in workspace innovation.

Winning comes first

When we first started to experience noticeable traction from several companies in the market, I knew I had made the right decision to become a founder. Partners of BOW started not only to purchase our product but also to adopt our images, texts, and other expressions. This is how the first ‘BOW ambassadors’ were born. It is very cool to experience how something is developed from an idea to a scalable product.

When you work at BOW and the studio, you enter an ambitious culture where ‘winning’ comes first. We always go for the utmost and the best result. At Entweder I have always had the opportunity to use my qualities. In this way, everyone brings something valuable to the table with which we complement each other. We are critical of each other, but always intend to improve and take the company further.

Within a year and a half, with a relatively small team, we have built a company with traction in the market.

This is what I am most proud of. We not only have the right product/market fit but also a scalable process. I am enthusiastic about process improvement and process optimization. It is fulfilling when we work not only effectively but also efficiently.

In my previous job as a team leader, I worked in a large organization with existing and streamlined processes. When building a new company (venture) there is no manual, everything requires customization. Because of this you sometimes have the feeling that you have fires to put out. But this is part of it and in this way, you sometimes achieve the impossible. There is no shine without friction. From the first moment you come to work at Entweder, you are welcomed by a warm, ambitious team. You learn a lot on a personal and business level. Anyone who can be themselves, who is ambitious but above all who is eager to learn will succeed in our working environment.

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