Founder story Pim Trommelen

April 20, 2022

Campus Offices (re)develops urban locations with shared facilities for hospitality, technology, coffee, lunch, meetings, events, sports, and “outside”. Locations that most of all enable working, with a custom workspace for every type of user made up of 100% flexible design elements and ditto lease agreements. Both start-ups and corporates feel at home at Campus.

From sales intern at SKEPP to founder of Campus Offices

In 2018, I had a side job as a salesperson in a flooring store in Enschede. I had mastered the sales trick, and the challenge was no longer there. Development and growth are very important to me and at that point, it was also time for an internship. My then-girlfriend (now wife) gave me a tip to check out SKEPP. Their online presence was everywhere. I looked them up and thought there can’t be a cool company in Albergen, Albergen is far too small for that! Nevertheless, I applied, and they hired me as a sales officer.

I performed above my expectations and those of the rest within SKEPP. For that reason, many conversations followed with Sven Brookhuis, from which the new idea of ‘Rent Invest’ emerged. The idea was to sell real estate in pieces in a form of a lease contract for ten years: a gap in the market, we thought. Initially, I continued to develop this idea alongside my work for SKEPP, but later it became impossible to combine the two. I decided to leave SKEPP and build a new venture. The Rent Invest idea was redesigned to Dreesz, the lease construction was removed, and the flexible concept was developed further. This was a very good choice because two years later we have an amazing company with great colleagues and entrepreneurs.

The merger between Campus Offices & Dreesz

The merger between Campus Offices & Dreesz took place six months ago, and to this day, we are still happy with it! Dreesz was more commercially oriented, and Campus Offices had more structure and experience. As a result, we have a larger portfolio with more expertise, a big team, happier tenants, and more unity amongst all the locations. We had to make some changes, but thanks to a lot of cooperation, Campus Offices is growing very fast.

My role has also changed as Commercial Director of Campus Offices. I am now more involved with the planning & weekly meetings with the community managers, and more. The culture that exists within our team is very informal but passionate and performance-driven. No one works here (just) for the money. We work here because we love it, share the same vision, and take pride in what we build together. I am very proud of these 15 amazing people I work with every day.

Campus Offices stands for entrepreneurship, growth, sharing, and relaxation. We create beautiful locations, and good facilities, think along with the tenants, and adapt easily. At the same time, we are not the most expensive and we use flexible contracts. The energy that can be found at each location is the key factor.

Matching Campus Offices with inspiring companies and working on an exciting venture creates a lot of value and gives me a lot of motivation.

Being an entrepreneur without huge risks, which is a unique combination, is very nice! I can be an entrepreneur and share in the exit, but I don’t run the big risks you have when you must do it ”by yourself”. It is also very nice that you can always consult someone from Entweder, so you are not alone. Entweder is very good at guiding the start-up phase, they know how to build ventures. At the young age of 24, I want to keep learning and developing myself. I can do that within the companies of Entweder. Entweder also offers me the chance to connect with many inspiring people.

Working for an Entweder company gives me a lot of energy. I get to see a lot of growth and development in all the ventures. If it feels right, and you think you are suited for it then go for it fully. This is an opportunity you won’t get again!

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