Team BOW is growing

April 21, 2022

Recently four new faces have joined the BOW team. BOW’s business is growing, and this means the work behind the scenes is too. Elena Ganina (25), Bart Nijsink (21), Rianka Hofmeijer (22), and Jarno van Leeuwen (21) joined the BOW team. In this blog post, we’d like to tell you more about the newest additions to the growing company!

Elena moved on to BOW after her role within the studio team.

The company had a special place in my heart from the beginning. The product we offer at BOW is unique in the office design market. There is no one who offers what we do: A modular, future-proof, and sustainable room-in-room solution for many office generations. So it was not a difficult choice to join BOW as Business Development Manager. I look forward to collaborating with our ever-growing network of partners who are ambassadors for our products.

Bart is the new financial expert at BOW.  

I’m currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in Finance & Control and am working on the financial structure of this company. BOW is a beautiful, young, and flexible company that is innovative. The fact that you can practice your expertise and show your best qualities here speaks to me a lot. What I like best about BOW is the growth it’s experiencing. You can see that the product offers a much-needed solution in the market. We see it expanding each day, more and more offices want our solution!

Jarno, Commercial Administrative Officer, also sees the growth ahead, not only in the Netherlands but also in the surrounding countries.

I also see working for BOW as an opportunity to further develop my skills. I get to have a lot of responsibilities and my own tasks where I have the lead. With feedback from our users, we can improve our product and process to offer the best modular solution! I’m excited to see BOW’s business grow in other countries as well

Improving products is what I enjoy, and why I joined BOW as a product developer.

Rianka is currently studying industrial design engineering and working for BOW part-time.

I am going to be an intern here for my bachelor’s assignment. BOW is a cool and young start-up. I can see BOW becoming a leading concept in sustainable solutions in office design.

We’d like to welcome the new colleagues to the BOW team!

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