Founder story Melvin Hamer

April 1, 2022

SKEPP stands for Office as a Service. Its basis is Officelisting, which connects tenants and landlords. With Officeplanner, 100% flexible fit-outs are added. Started in the Netherlands in 2014, and is now active in eight European countries.

From a side job as a programmer to founder

After obtaining my pre-university diploma, it would make sense that I would pursue my Master's at a university. Because of my practical attitude, however, I chose to study at the University of applied sciences to obtain more practical skills. I, therefore, studied Art & Technology in Enschede, where you learn media in all forms. I focused mainly on (web) development.

During my studies, I came across a vacancy at SKEPP where they were looking for a part-time programmer. A job as a part-time programmer was extremely scarce, so I applied immediately. I became the fourth employee at SKEPP, back then it was still a very small company. Located in Albergen, which I had to look up on Google Maps. That’s where this adventure began.

I liked this job so much that after my studies, I started working full-time at SKEPP. At the time a small start-up. In the following years, SKEPP grew enormously. Within no time several programmers joined, and my position changed to head of development. I am now a Founder, and my main responsibilities are strategy, marketing, finance, and development. Disciplines in which I feel at home and which interest me enormously. And, although it is definitely outside my comfort zone, this position also offers me the opportunity to develop enormously on a commercial level and to gain a network.

Don’t worry too much about whether or not you can or want to be an entrepreneur! Ask yourself above all if you want to build something cool, develop yourself at lightning speed, and if you like to get involved in all kinds of things

Right away I felt I had made the right decision to join SKEPP. Despite my young age and lack of experience, I was given a lot of freedom and responsibility. I would describe SKEPP as young, digital, and flexible. That is because we have a Start-up culture where we have no hierarchical layers in the organization. Everyone in the team has his or her responsibility, works very hard, and we celebrate successes together, and leave losses behind us quickly.

Thijs, the other Founder of SKEPP, and I find it important to be seen not as a coach along the soccer field but as a captain on the field. Trusting each other’s expertise and letting people make mistakes is the key. We want everyone at SKEPP to feel free and take initiative. We also enjoy it when someone calls for a game of table soccer or asks who wants to join us for ice cream at the local ice cream parlor. We find spontaneity and enthusiasm very important.

Working for an Entweder venture truly feels like being part of one big family. All Entweder ventures consist of young employees with a unique energy that gives you the feeling that something big is about to happen. That gives you a lot of enthusiasm and energy which makes you enjoy going to work every morning. I find learning from different ventures interesting. In addition, the advice from Entweder’s studio team is always very valuable.

Being a founder at Entweder has given me an enormous amount of freedom. The freedom to shape the culture, strategy, and team of SKEPP in the way Thijs and I think is best. This allows me to develop quickly and to gain knowledge and experience in finance, strategy, development, and HR, in short: to gain experience as an entrepreneur. Experience that will benefit me for the rest of my career!

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