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April 16, 2020
Campus Offices

Dreesz is a modern office concept that features different types of offices for different types of entrepreneurs. For example, Dreesz offers a flexible place for the starting entrepreneur or freelancer, office units are available for small companies with multiple employees and there are also large areas available for established companies that are looking for a modern office. Dreesz believes in sharing. You rent your own office space, but you share a social heart with other entrepreneurs and companies.

This social heart is equipped with meeting options, daily fresh lunch, coffee and tea, soft drinks, and a place to sit quietly and relax together. Sharing these facilities makes renting an office space very flexible, so you can rent an office unit with a monthly contract. With these flexible lease contracts, Dreesz can support your company throughout the entire life cycle of the company. Is your company going to upscale? Then your office will be adjusted accordingly. Dreesz calls this responsive workspace. Finally, the Dreesz offices in Almelo and Deventer are fully equipped with modern PropTech. You can book the available meeting rooms in the building via an app, so you can be sure that you are in a separate meeting room during your meeting. This app in combination with the digital locks, reception, and payment system at the lunch facilities makes it very easy to use in the office building.

Dreesz stands for community. For Dreesz it is important that the tenants come into contact with each other and that there is a platform for tenants where they can network with each other. That is why Dreesz organizes a cozy VrijMiBo every Friday afternoon. To make this VrijMiBo even more fun, Dreesz regularly organizes an event for Friday afternoons. For which all tenants are invited so that every week can be concluded in a company of ambitious entrepreneurs. This not only makes the end of the week more fun but also creates space for a connection between different types of entrepreneurs and companies.

In addition, there is a LinkedIn group for every Dreesz office building, which includes all tenants. In this group, you can ask for advice, give others tips and put yourself and your company on the map. This is important not only for networking but also for the atmosphere in the office. A good atmosphere in the office brings energy. For freelancers and start-up companies, this can be just that boost they needed and an established company can keep working in the office fun.

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