BOW Founders

After 33 years, director Michael Kuiper (47) has left Desko. Together with technical founder Glenn Holland (23) and the Entweder studio team, he will be building BOW: a venture at the juncture of office design and technology.

Organizations are developing faster and faster. However, office buildings and their fit-outs are just as static as they were years ago and therefore no longer facilitate the growth of organizations. BOW has solved this problem with the development of a completely new prefab product line for privacy and separation.

Together with the more regular furniture for the home and office, BOW supplies complete fit-out packages for offices. BOW’s portfolio is completed by technologies that increase the hospitality of an office, like electric locks, environmental sensors, reception columns and booking displays.

BOW always works with the (free) Office Manager which, as the name suggests, can manage the entire office.