Through successive ventures, Entweder makes a positive contribution to the evolution of the workspace. In order to continue to contribute to this evolution, Entweder is constantly developing new business models. These future ventures are based on problems encountered by proven ventures.


iSoek stands for sharing. For sharing office, meeting places, workshop, shop and warehouse. Proven ventures Campus Offices and SKEPP are increasingly encountering a question that includes several of these aspects. Traditional boundaries are thus beginning to blur in this area as well.


Vastgoed Beurs Nederland (‘VBN’) stands for win-win. On the one hand, real estate owners get the opportunity to offer their real estate for investment via this platform. On the other hand, this way investors get the opportunity to invest for a fair and above all transparent return in investment. 

Any Space

Any Space will offer the solution for hybrid working. More and more people work partly at the office, partly at home and then occasionally in a place somewhere in between. It is therefore becoming increasingly complicated for organizations to map out the space requirements. Something that SKEPP experiences on a daily basis. There is plenty of space everywhere, but there is a lack of a tool to use it optimally.

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Entweder develops ventures on the basis of its own S4 model that runs from Solutions, via Start-ups and Scale-ups to Sold ventures. The idea generation always takes place within Entweder itself. Entweder is constantly looking for reinforcements of the existing team to scale up the ventures. Click below if you are interested in doing business with Entweder.