Through successive ventures, we aim to make a positive contribution to the evolution of the workspace. We are constantly exploring new innovative ideas and business models to make this happen. These future ventures are based on workspace-related challenges encountered by our proven ventures.


SOFO will empower facility managers to organise their circular office fit-out policy. Large corporations have vast amounts of office-related assets across different locations, yet lack insights to facilitate this in the most optimal way. The SOFO platform helps track and manage individual assets based on real-time usage and location data. This enables facility managers to optimise the allocation of existing assets without needing to make unnecessary investments. 

Do you want to shape SOFO with us? Feel free to reach out and explore how we can collaborate.

Any Space

Any Space will offer a solution to hybrid working. More and more people organise their work partly from the office, partly from home, and occasionally from a space in between those. It is becoming increasingly complicated for organisations to map out their hybrid workspace requirements. This is something that our venture SKEPP notices on a daily basis. There is plenty of usable space to work everywhere, but there isn’t a complete solution to utilise this in the most optimal way.

Do you want to shape Any Space with us? Feel free to reach out and explore how we can collaborate.

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We develop ventures based on our own venture-building model that runs from the solution to the start-up phase, and from the scale-up to the sold phase. New venture ideas are always internally generated by the studio team. We are always looking for talented individuals to accelerate our ventures. Have a look below if you are interested in joining us.