Start your next company with Entweder

With our proven co-founder model and expertise in real estate innovation, office technology, and product development, we're dedicated to creating innovative solutions that make the office a better and more enjoyable place to be.


Company building with an edge

At Entweder, we believe in a collaborative approach with our founders, where from day one, they take the lead in building the company together with us. While we are very hands-on in the early days to help get the company off the ground, ultimately, our co-founders run the company. We are your partner for the long run, from start to finish.

Entrepreneurial Employment

Our unique approach to working with founders is built on years of entrepreneurial and legal experience. On top of an entrepreneurial monthly management fee, we offer our founders a non-dilutive share of the exit proceeds when we sell the company, ensuring that our interests are always fully aligned with theirs.

By partnering with our team, our founders can benefit from our experience, knowledge, and resources tailored to different company stages. We believe in building long-term relationships with our founders, and we are committed to supporting them every step of the way.

Space to grow
We provide flexible office space for our early-stage companies in our studio workspace, and as they grow, they move to their own office at Campus Dreesz.
Founder community
Our headquarters create a vibrant founder community across different company stages, fostering an entrepreneurial and energetic atmosphere.
Orchestrated exits
We have expertise in strategically orchestrated exits, balancing emotions and rationality to optimize deal terms. With six prior sales, our track record helps us excel.
Deep industry knowledge
With extensive experience in commercial real estate, we're highly knowledgeable about the office domain. From office fit-out to technology, we've done it all.
Hands-on support
Our experienced team provides operational know-how and support to keep moving forward. We offer expertise on multiple fronts to accelerate our companies.
Investment capital
Entweder has its own investment fund to provide long-term capital to our companies, freeing up founders from fundraising so they can focus on important matters.
Smiling founders

Modular furniture

Modular office furniture solutions offer a dynamic and adaptable way to furnish office spaces. Using a range of building blocks, these modular systems can create bespoke team tables, workspaces, partitions, and storage areas that perfectly suit changing needs.

Hybrid working

We’re looking into smart solutions designed to help companies navigate the transition to hybrid working. We're developing tools to manage occupancy rates, optimize office space allocation, and create data-driven workspaces for hybrid teams.

Employee well-being

We strive to create healthier work environments with innovative solutions to enhance employee comfort and productivity. Acoustic solutions can prevent distractions in open offices and support collaboration and deep work.

How is Entweder funded?

Entweder operates its own investment fund to support its companies. We are the sole shareholder of this fund, meaning there are no external investors or partners involved. The origin of these funds comes from our previous successful exits. This setup gives us full control and flexibility in making decisions, ensuring the long-term growth of our group.

Can I join Entweder part-time?

We strongly believe that starting a company requires full-time focus and commitment to achieve something exceptional and meaningful. Therefore, we do not work with part-time founders. We value the dedication and wholehearted engagement needed to make companies successful.

Can I submit my own idea?

At Entweder, we start new companies by identifying office-related challenges. We call these starting points "sketches". Before moving forward, we validate each sketch by looking into its technical feasibility, customer demand, and market potential. This means we don't work with founders who already have existing ideas. While our ideas may align, we always start from scratch to bring a fresh and unbiased approach to each new company.

Can I join Entweder remotely?

We love the office environment and prefer to work together from the same location most of the time. While we understand the benefits of working remotely, being in the same office makes it easier to stay in sync. We strongly believe that this approach leads to stronger relationships and ultimately helps us build better companies.

How are partnerships structured?

Having tried all sorts of models to collaborate with founders, we found our Entrepreneurial Employment model yields the most favorable outcomes. We offer our founders a non-dilutive share of the exit proceeds when we eventually sell the company, ensuring that our interests are always fully aligned with theirs. Next to this ‘kicker’ at the end of the journey, our founders also receive a monthly management fee.

Does Entweder invest in other start-ups and scale-ups?

As an entrepreneurial group of companies, we solely focus on starting, scaling, and selling our own companies. This means we can't offer the same level of support to existing businesses. We believe in doing one thing extremely well, instead of spreading ourselves too thin. By putting laser-focus on our companies, we aim to achieve extraordinary results.

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