Entweder is expanding and looking for talented people to join the studio team! 

To further accelerate the growth of Entweder and the ventures we are looking for talented individuals to join our studioteam. We are actively hiring for the following roles:


  • Are you the person who is going to design the brands of new ventures from A to Z? Reach out to Jeroen de Jonge for more information about the position.

Finance Specialist

  • Do you enjoy bringing financial structure to fast-growing companies? Look at the vacancy for more information about this position or/and reach out to Knoed Brookhuis.

Talent Scout

  • Want to be the person that brings talented people aboard? Look at the vacancy to see if you are the right person for this position or directly reach out to Jeroen de Jonge.

Venture Building Trainee

  • Looking for the next step after your education and are do you have entrepreneurial interests? Take a look at the vacancy or reach out to Knoed Brookhuis.

Want to join our dynamic studioteam but you don’t see a fit with one of the open positions? Feel free to reach out to Knoed Brookhuis to get to know more about Entweder and a possible way to collaborate.