Entweder kicks off with W5


Every year Entweder organizes a kick-off where both the ventures and the pilots present their developments: W5. At the bottom, an explanation of the methodology behind this name.


For the first time, during Corona, W5 is intended for everyone who is directly involved in Entweder, the Entweder ventures SKEPP, Campus, Dreesz and BOW and in the pilots that will run in the coming year. Naturally, the RIVM guidelines are adhered to: a maximum of 30 people excluding “staff”, fixed seating, at sufficient distance from all sides and one-way traffic. Starting from the second edition it is the intention that this event will continue to be developed externally by linking various relations of every side of Entweder: “community” by definition extends beyond the physical boundaries of your own workspace and W5 fulfills a strengthening role.


At Dreesz Almelo, on the large empty concrete floor above SKEPP, in a spacious layout with more than enough space (s) in between.


Part of W5 will be the fixed moment of the second Thursday of the new year. This year for once it is on the second Friday and thus on January 8. We then start to walk in from 2.45 pm. The program will run from 3 pm and will take approximately one hour. To conclude, this year’s very modest but certainly no less earned New Year’s drink.


Because Entweder is 100% convinced that organizations achieve their goals more easily within an internal and external fully integrated context, but above all because it is just fun!


Originating in Antiquity, the 5 Ws (What, Who, Where, When and Why) have become the standard in information gathering and problem solving.
They are often mentioned in journalism, research and police investigations.
According to the principle of the Five Ws, a report can only be considered complete if it answers these questions starting with one the Ws.
This method of gathering proof is an element of Entweder’s venture building.
By applying the 5 Ws, workspace innovation can be proven and ‘pilots’ for new ventures can be evaluated.
Both the ventures and pilots present their developments at the yearly Entweder kick-off.
The framework for their presentation gives the event its name.
Join us every second Thursday of the new year at Entweder W5.