Technical founder


Entweder is building ventures.
New proptech ventures are being co-founded together with ambitious entrepreneurs. With them proven ideas are transformed into start-ups and start-ups into scale-ups. A proces that is being accelerated by the presence of the Entweder studio services, financial resources and “in-house” launching customers.
Entweder ventures are build by three founders: a business founder, a technical founder and by the Entweder studio team.
As a technical founder, your job is to develop the product from its first version into a scalable product. The team needed is also being build under your responsibility.
As a business founder, your job is to transform one of the proven business-cases into a scale-up. You do this by defining and building out the product, brand, network and team. The most important part of your job although is “sales”.
Entweder knows the ’hybrid’ model of entrepreneurial employment meaning that founders can monthly bill for their work. At the moment the venture is being sold, and that is always the goal, the founder can bill a “succes fee”.
Entweder always holds 100% of the equity in each venture.
At this moment Entweder is searching an entrepeneur for a new venture, CampusOffices, please find more information below.



Campus re/develops, operates and owns city-office-campuses that are known for their:

• Shared facilities in hospitality-technology, coffee, lunch, meeting-spaces, events, co-working, sport, real office-gardens and other “outdoors”.

• Customized workspaces for both professionals, teams and corporates with 100% flexibele fit-outs and rental-contracts.

Technical founder activities

• Re/developing new locations: from architect till (sub)contractors.

• Initiating and executing multi-year maintenance plan

• Technical management existing locations.

• Fitting out new renters.

• Team building and management: both direct colleagues and indirect (sub)contractors.

• Building a culture for growth.

• Weekly reporting regarding the project- and maintenance-planning.

There is a lot more to do of-course but you’ll be accompanied by Christiaan, your business co-founder, and by the Entweder studio team.



• You have at least five years of professional experience.

• You have a passion for real estate entrepreneurship.

• You are a problem-solver, a proactive strategic thinker and a pragmatist.

• You can formulate and execute and report about it on a weekly base.

• You know how to deal with (sub)contractors while “speaking” their language.

• You have managed a team before and know how to coach people.

• You finished your college (HBO) or academic (WO) education.

• You have unbounded energy: mentioned at the end but probably requirement number 1.


If you want to be the next successful Entweder-founder and this profile is about you, please send an (English or Dutch) e-mail to Sven Brookhuis at (or use the button below) and convince him.