Entweder starts, builds, finances and sells ventures. The ventures sold by Entweder are listed below. Each of these is being scaled up further by the new owner to increasingly contribute to the evolution of the workspace.

Ditt officemakers

Ditt officemakers designs and builds offices. This venture has become the Dutch market leader in serviced office concepts. Also active in Belgium and Germany. In two steps the management took over all the shares of Entweder in De VastgoedInrichter and PropertyUpgrade and renamed it Ditt.


HNK stands for Het Nieuwe Kantoor (The New Office). It was the first platform that combined exploitation and real estate ownership. Sold by Entweder to listed NSI under whose wings it became the market leader at 14 locations.


Newday Offices is the name for the merger of Atoomclub and OVVICE: two Entweder office concepts where operation and ownership were combined. AngeloGordon from New York and Stadium from Amsterdam use their Private Equity to scale up Newday by constantly adding new locations.


In 2013, Bouncespace was the first so-called “third place” in the Netherlands. Not only a place for work and meetings, but also for social engagements, getting a haircut, having a chat with the barista or lunch. The city pulled into the office, to summarize. Bouncespace is being further developed by the founding team into a place where work and life come together.

Newday Offices expands

Newday Offices expands

Newday Offices expandsFormer Entweder venture Newday Offices recently purchased the properties located at Van Deventerlaan 30-40 in Utrecht and Kelvinbaan 40-49 in Nieuwegein. Newday will carry out a large-scale renovation for its hospitality-driven office concept, so...