Entweder makes a positive contribution to the evolution of the workspace through successive ventures. New business models are based on one or more of the themes below and always know the process of entrepreneurial employment.



The “built world” is becoming increasingly complex. In addition, the lack of professionals is also growing. These two trends together form the basis for the need to prefabricate the building process, a development that falls under the umbrella of Construction Technology (“contech”) and therefore offers starting points for improving the (traditionally low) margins in the construction industry.

automation of the transaction

Automation uses technology to automate tasks that once required people. The moment it is applied to transactions, the need for human action and therefore the “middle man” disappears here. Automation of transactions thus shortens the chain from product / service to the user. As a result, either lower prices for the user or higher margins for the provider are possible.

emergence of the third place

Work, living and leisure activities are no longer strictly separated parts of life. Places where these three uses of time come together are emerging in increasing numbers. In these so-called “third places” prosperity and well-being come together, enabling people to “be”. This process makes the third place an excellent occasion to raise rental prices to a higher level.


from product to service

Experiences are increasingly becoming more important than possessions. Sharing becomes the norm. Products therefore become services because value is added to it. By capitalizing on this value, a win-win is created and with it, in addition to the “green” that sharing itself already has, an ultimate form of sustainability.



The first step is always “internal validation”. With a “green light” Entweder looks for talented entrepreneurs to jointly develop this opportunity into a successful company. Every venture therefore has three founders: a Business Founder, a Technical Founder and the Entweder Studio team. The business and technical founder work with the hybrid model of “entrepreneurial employment”: they manage “their” company and in exchange earn a monthly management fee. Entweder always holds all the shares and in case of a sale the founders share in the proceeds.


Automation of the transaction

Emergence of the third place

From product to service