Through successive ventures, Entweder makes a positive contribution to the evolution of the workspace. New business models are based on solutions for problems encountered by proven ventures. From Solution via StartUp and ScaleUp to a Sold venture. See Entweder’s S4 model here. Ideation therefore takes place within the venture builder itself. For the execution, Entweder is permanently looking for an addition to the existing Studio Team. Click below if you are interested in doing business together. 


iSoek stands for the sharing of various spaces. This is not only the case for the office and meeting, but also of the workspace, shop and warehouse. At Campus Offices and SKEPP, demand is increasingly coming in to combine spaces. In this area too, traditional boundaries are beginning to blur.


Vastgoed Beurs Nederland (‘VBN’) answers the question, as regularly asked Entweder, to invest in real estate together. At VBN, investors buy two-thirds of all shares in a company. Entweder will keep the remaining third and will continue to operate it. Each company owns nothing more, but above all nothing less than one office complex. When VBN offers the shares, the occupancy rate is high and the risk is therefore low. 


OfficeClub will offer the solution for hybrid working. More and more people work partly at the office, partly at home and then occasionally in a place somewhere in between. It is therefore becoming increasingly complicated for organizations to map out the space requirements. Something that SKEPP experiences on a daily basis. There is plenty of space everywhere, but there is a lack of a tool to use it optimally.


Officemanager digitizes offices to place them in the new, hybrid reality in one swoop. Within five minutes a ‘static concrete’ turns into a service. Without the need for architectural and/or installation-technical adjustments. With an app you control the locks, reserve the meeting rooms, check the climate and communicate with both the administrator and the other users. For Campus Offices way to reduce costs while increasing the service level.