Entweder believes that with thoughtful ventures the workspace can evolve into a place where growth is balanced with well-being. These ventures are started by Entweder and are always further developed in cooperation with two founders into a proven, and thus marketable, scale-up. In addition to being an innovative venture builder, Entweder is also a pragmatic venture capitalist and therefore completely independent.

Evolution of the workspace

The time of offices as “type factories” is definitively behind us. Our workplaces have become places for exchange. Exchange of ideas, planned and unplanned meetings, workplaces and certainly of energy. All of this in an environment characterized by an ever higher level of service and technology.

A next step is that “outside” and even the surrounding area become part of our workspace: functions begin to merge, work and private life become even more mixed and come together in the so-called “third place”. Working becomes “being”.

Environment of the workspace

Every workspace has an environment that consists of three components: not only the Productivity, but the Place and the People as well.

To optimize the experience around this workspace, it is necessary to address each of these three dimensions.

Property technology (“Proptech”) is the common denominator for these actions. The totality of actions will not be aimed at just the product, the services and the associated process, but also especially at the underlying business model.

Constant focus on improving these three perspectives together then creates a living ecosystem: also in the workspace of Entweder itself.

Proven workspace innovation

Entweder’s approach is characterised by the evolution of the workspace and therefore of the ventures. Entweder puts the ventures on the right path by getting past the initial obstacles and taking them to the next phase. Start-ups become scale-ups that can “serve the general public”. At that point the ventures are brought to the market: customers can easily scale up and further contribute positively to the evolution of the workspace. Proven workspace innovation!

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