The Corona Paradox II

“Providers of commercial real estate see the demand for offices increasing”: the FD reported on 4 August last and our office industry, which was holidaying at the time, was able to enjoy a nice drink on the terrace.
On the way back home, the mood suddenly changed again: “Many real estate experts expect that there will be less demand for work space” and we are talking about 13 August.
Two messages that at first sight seem to contradict each other, but for which there is a very clear explanation.
Our work at the office has changed enormously and will continue to do so at an accelerated pace in the coming period. Where those colossi once were “type factories”, the activities of that time, for example the processing of giro collection forms, were either automated or took place in other places or within other systems. Offices have become places for exchange. Exchange of information, of coffee and lunch, of ideas, of (un) planned meetings, but especially of energy.
Within this development, Covid-19 is a top-tier accelerator that means that two lines have now crossed each other: the rising of the office as a meeting place, say the new economy, and the old one of the office as a workplace. The first article was about this new world with contemporary parties such as SKEPP, the second article had two photos with men with gray hair: which is why I would suggest to just stay in the holiday spirit together. Long live the office!