Connecting venture builders with venture capital and private equity

This whitepaper is about the investor and venture builder perspective on the acquisition process, specifically on finding an acquirer/target. It is based on a study performed by Christian Bentvelsen in cooperation with Entweder. This study contains 5 in-depth interviews with venture builder founders/CEOs as well as an online survey filled in by 56 Dutch private equity (PE) or venture capital (VC) respondents. This study finds that having a good network influences the likelihood of acquisitions tremendously and is crucial in finding a suitable buyer for ventures. It also substantiated the neutral stance of PE and VC towards venture builders caused by the lack of track record, worries about cap table and perceived lack of focus of venture builders. Furthermore, the study found that VC investors put more value on innovation, growth potential and ownership structure than PE investors. Based on these findings, a 5-step approach to finding a suitable buyer is proposed. Find out more in this whitepaper.